Francis A. de la Cruz

Francis A. de la Cruz

Who We Are

Brightman Cross is one of five brands under The Write Resume Now, LLC, its parent career consulting company founded in 2009 by Francis de la Cruz, a longtime Wall Street professional and current executive in asset management finance.

How our service started​

As a second-year business school student, Francis volunteered with Columbia Business School’s career office to help first-years prepare for investment banking recruiting. Brightman Cross is a continuation of that experience after Francis received many requests in the years that followed to help candidates write resumes, network, and interview for front office IBD jobs.

Our purpose

Wall Street is continuously evolving and increasingly diverse and global. Traditional recruiting streams can only go so far in acquiring committed professionals over the long-term. Our purpose is to help keen individuals with unique skill sets and experiences break into investment banking and find their niche. Not everyone who makes it as a successful professional comes through via on-campus recruiting, and we are here to level the playing field and give everyone a shot at their dream.

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